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   World Expo 2010 Shanghai,China  
   Rail transit,municipal engineering,environmental protection and water conservancy projects  
   High-class office  
   High-class hotel  
   Education, science, culture, public health and religion  
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  World Expo 2010 Shanghai, China  
  World Expo Center
(whole-process finance supervision)
  Expo Center Great Hall  
  Axis of World Expo & Underground Complex Project
(whole process investment supervision)
  Celebr,ation Plaza of World Expo 2010 Shanghai
(whole-process investment supervision)
  World Expo Village Commercial Hotel, Plat B
(whole-process investment supervision)
  World Expo Village
(bidding agency)
  Enterprise Hall of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation (Group)
(whole-process investment supervision)
  Shanghai Corporate Pavilion of the World Expo
(bidding agency)
  Urban Best Practice Area of World Expo 2010 Shanghai, China
(feasibility study)
  Shipping Pavilion
(Whole-process Investment Supervision)
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