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 The aims and philosophy
 Company Tenet:

High Quality

  Development Conception:
   Utilizing comprehensive    advantages, more stable,
   better and stronger
  Brand Conception:
   One project, one Signboard
  Innovation Conception:
   Endeavors to change and    transcendence
  Operation Conception:
   Honesty and faith for
  Management Conception:    Institutionalized management
   and human-centered improvement
  Culture Conception:
   Tolerance, excellence, trend    Leading, and apparent rules
  Value Conception:
   Creation of Social fortune,    realization of staff self-value
  Society Conception:
   Rewarding people and society
All staff contribute to the drought-affected areas in Yunnan
    April 1, the general party branch, the trade union, the youth league branch of the company issued an urgent initiative, called on party members, youth and all staff to contribute a box of water to the drought-affected areas (Equivalent 25). Just one day, the cumulative contributions from the whole company amounted to 7,700, equivalent to 308 boxes of water. The action shows that,” Holy love comes with disaster, and love will keep us together.”
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