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 The aims and philosophy
 Company Tenet:

High Quality

  Development Conception:
   Utilizing comprehensive    advantages, more stable,
   better and stronger
  Brand Conception:
   One project, one Signboard
  Innovation Conception:
   Endeavors to change and    transcendence
  Operation Conception:
   Honesty and faith for
  Management Conception:    Institutionalized management
   and human-centered improvement
  Culture Conception:
   Tolerance, excellence, trend    Leading, and apparent rules
  Value Conception:
   Creation of Social fortune,    realization of staff self-value
  Society Conception:
   Rewarding people and society
The company won the title of
“Trustworthy and Advanced National Bidding Agent Enterprise”
    Recently, China Tendering & Bidding Association published the list of “Trustworthy and Advanced National Bidding Agent Enterprise”, including Shanghai Oriental Investment Supervision Co., Ltd.
    The accuracy of the bidding planning, the meticulousness of bidding documents (Bill of Quantity) preparation, the science of organizing evaluation, the integrity of the contract preparation, and the effectiveness of cost control of the contract won the trust of government and clients in past years.
    The company has more than 70 Shanghai Bidding Engineers. Last year, 34 professionals passed the “National Bidding Engineer professional proficiency test” organized by NDR, which leads Shanghai and in the front ranks of the nation.
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